I started competing in triathlons in the late 1980's at high-school. I was part of Dr. John Helleman's triathlon academy based in Christchurch in the early 1990's and had the pleasure to train with some world class athletes. At my final year at high-school I placed 10th in the triathlon secondary school national champs and 4th at the duathlon champs. In 1995 I won my age group (15-19yrs) at the Motorola Powerman Duathlon. During university studing physiotherapy I trained and competed at the World long distance champs (half IM) placing 6th in my age group. My greatest triathlon buzz was competing at the Hawaiian Ironman in 1999.
Over the last 20 years I have competed in Half Ironmans  (4hrs 11min - Tauranga half 2000, 4hrs 29min - Tauranga Half 2020), half marathons (PB 1hr 16min 20sec - Mt. half 2017, 1hr 18min 53sec - Hamilton 2014), and marathons (PB 2hrs 47min - Hastings 1999, 2hrs 56min - Queenstown 2014, 2hrs 48min - Tauranga 2017, Rotorua 2019 2hrs 49min), and lately have enjoyed a taste of trail running (7th overall at the TARAWERA Ultra 60km 2016). I started coaching some mates in 2005 and really enjoyed helping them on their journey. SInce then I have devoured any coaching, nutrition, wellness,  and training material to enhance me as a coach and human being. My most important role is bringing up my two girls (Eva, 15 years, and Stella 13) with my wonderful wife Coral.
I'm a big believer in walking my talk! I eat a predominantly whole food plant based diet, meditate, do yoga, have cold showers & complete functional strength work daily, while blending my swimming, cycling, and running with my EVERFIT physiotherapy business, family life, and writing for the Trail Run magazine. Having a purpose driven life, with expansive wellness daily habits, while keeping some balance is crucial to maintaining joy. 
  • Triathlon, Running, Wellness,  Functional exercise and Swimming coaching
  • Physiotherapy - Sports injuries, Muscle balance assessment/movement screening, Return to work, and managing wellbeing.
  • Writer for Trail Run magazine & The Centre for Non-violence and Conscious Living (CNCL)
  • Author of 'Holistic Human' (available on my site and AMAZON)
  • Content creator for The Run Experience
  • Owner/operator of ENDURObeet - endurance enhancing beetroot powder


 Placing 2nd overall at the Round Rarotonga Race in 2015