EVERFIT Initial Coaching Consult                                                                      $45

This will take up to 45min and will be a chance to meet face to face (or over the phone/skype) and discuss the overall programme plan, and the different methods of putting it into practise. To do this effectively we need to go over short and long term goals, time available for training, a training intensity guide, past history in triathlon/other sports, the importance of a training log (you can't manage what you can't measure), and nutrition. An athlete assessment sheet and VARK (communication/learning) questionnaire will be emailed out prior to the assessment to help with information gathering.


EVERFIT Coaching Plan                                                                                      $35/wk  = limited to 10

This includes a detailed customised plan (included in the member section of this site as part of the Training Tilt web based platform), and a chance to communicate any other training concerns. During the week if questions arise then contact is encouraged via what ever medium works best for us (text, FB messenger, email). Every sessions feedback will generate an email to me so I can stay in touch daily with your journey. I will answer queries as soon as possible. You will also have access to a growing selection of articles, training tips, recipes, and videos to enhance your training experience + the Training Tilt app which allows you to access and to add feedback using your smart phone.

EVERFIT  Program Plan                                                                                       $17.50/wk = limited to 20

Do you want some guidance for an upcoming event or just want some structure to your exercise routine. I offer 4wk - 16wk programmes after getting to know you with a initial coaching consult. These will be customised to blend with your lifestyle. Catch ups are encouraged every 4-6 weeks for program tweaking and at least one email a week to let me know how you are tracking.  You will also have access to a growing selection of articles, training tips, recipes, and videos to enhance your training experience + the Training Tilt app which allows you to access and to add feedback using your smart phone.There is a $5 charge for any programme adjustments once already planned.  Catch-ups have an additional charge (see below)

EVERFIT  Membership                                                                                          JUST  $1/wk = limited to 50

If you want to be part of the EVERFIT team with closed FACEBOOK access and weekly emails to keep up to date with the latest training, and nutrition information + motivation and inspiration then keep in touch with the basic EVERFIT membership. This is only available if you have had previous coaching with me.

Re-assessment Chat                                                                                             $12.50 (Coaching) $25 (Programme) 

A 30min sit down (or phone/skype call) to go over new goals, or a different training plan while you are currently coached or are using a programme. Information will be streamlined with a form emailed out before the re-assessment date if required. This will be available for athletes on the Platinum  and Gold plans. I encourage a face to face chat (if possible) every 6 weeks to 2 months.

One on One/Group Coaching Sessions                                                              From 
$65 for a 45min session  (By prior arrangement)

This can be a swim, bike, run, gym, education, triathlon or brick session, and can be worked out with an individual or group of athletes. Price depends on numbers/time. The minimum charge will be $50 per session.


WELLNESS Presentation for Groups                                                                  Call to discuss costings


If you are wanting your work place or sporting club to get inspired to take control of their wellness journey then get in touch about the EVERFIT WELLNESS presentation. This can include a discussion on recent research on exercise, nutrition, and what lifestyle factors have the greatest influence on WELLNESS. This can be a 30-45in talk about how to develop and progress daily enhancing habits with time for questions afterwards.



ENDURO FST (Functional Strength Training) fitness camps  $15 session ($150 for 12 when paid up front)


Chris Willett and I run 6 week fitness camps in spring and winter. These consist of 2 x 1hr sessions for 4-6 weeks based at Mt. Drury, Mount main beach, and the track at Tauranga domain. These start at 6am during the week and if run on a Saturday will start at 7am. Days to be advised before the start of each camp. We believe to reach your true aerobic potential you need to work on core and functional strength to hold form. These ENDURO FST camps are an ideal chance to cement the moves that will pay dividends in terms of injury prevention and performance. Check out www.facebook.com/EnduroBootcamp on facebook for details.

X-terra 21km trail run